Amy Hudon was born and raised in West Hartford, Connecticut. She was 
lucky enough to spend summers growing up on Cape Cod, and it is where 
she resides today with her husband and their two daughters.

Amy has a life long interest in art. As a young girl, she took numerous classes 
and spent most of her free time drawing, sketching, painting or sculpting. She 
took her first jewelry class at Skidmore college. From then on, she focused on 
refining her skills and went on to graduate school for metalsmithing and received 
a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth. 
She apprenticed for many years with sculptor/jeweler Tom Odell on Cape Cod. 

Amy began her jewelry career making and selling her work through galleries and 
contemporary jewelry stores. In 2002 she and her husband John, opened their
own fine jewelry store Amy Hudon & Co. in Osterville Massachusetts, featuring 
her designs along with other contemporary jewelry designers and representing 
some of the finest lines in the jewelry industry. They enjoyed 13 years owning 
and running the retail store in the heart of the picturesque village. They decided 
to close the location and sell Amy's designs exclusively online and at select 
retail shows. The move has freed up required time for Amy to focus on making
her jewelry and continue to create new designs.

Amy hand makes her own work on Cape Cod. Each piece is signed (if possible) 
with her trademark AH logo. She takes great care in creating fine jewelry that is 
both well made and uniquely designed.